The tuf basilicas of Kanaker

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Discover the tuf basilicas of Kanaker where Khachatur Abovian was born.

Kanaker is one of the 12 districts of Yerevan at the north of the capital. Originally a separated village from Yerevan, it was gradually absorbed within the city and still keeps its village atmosphere with narrow streets and local population.

Kanaker district is of very high historical and current strategic relevance, as it was the birthplace of Khachatur Abovyan, the father of modern Eastern Armenian literature with his novel Wounds of Armenia, and is currently the seat of Gazprom Headquarter in Armenia and a Russian military garrison.

The area is also famous for its two 17th century basilica churches with truely unique features in Yerevan located near each other at the center of Kanaker. 

We will explore 2 different basilica churches built in the 17th century and the house-museum of Khachatur Abovyan


От USD 10

  • Starting location: Khachatur Abovyan House Museum (easily accessible through GG/Yandex/Taxi)
  • Our Vicken Tours guide will be standing there.
  • Duration: 3h
  • Walking Distance: 3km
  • Level: Easy
  • Requirements: Walking shoes, Bottle of Water, Sun Protection
  • Special requirement: To be able to enter the churches, please wear clothes covering shoulders and knees

Основной момент

  • Surp Hakob Church
  • Surp Astvatsatsin
  • House Museum of Khachatur Abovian (entrance to museum included)
  • Khachkar (13th century)