Going down Abovyan street

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Walking down the most famous street of Yerevan

Abovyan street is the oldest official street of Yerevan, created in the 19th century, one of the longest and one of the most famous street. The street goes down from the North of the city centre all the way to the Republic Square and encompass a wide diversity of landmarks and architectural styles from 19th to 21st century.

Through walking down the Abovyan street, we will learn more about the history of Yerevan and Armenia and the daily life of its inhabitants. 

This walking tour will be focused on the main landmarks of Abovyan street in Yerevan.


From USD 10

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  • Starting location: Abovyan Park (at the beginning of Abovyan Street facing the statue of Abovyan)
  • Our Vicken Tours guide will be standing there.
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Walking Distance: 2.5km
  • Level: Easy
  • Requirements: Walking shoes, Bottle of Water, Sun Protection


  • Abovyan Square
  • Yerevan University Campus
  • Katoghike Church
  • Moscow Cinema and Aznavour Square
  • Arno Babajanyan Concert Hall
  • Republic Square