Vishap dragon stones of Yerevan

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Travel 5000 years back in time to feel the Vishap Stones of Yerevan

The Armenian Highland is a geographical area home to the autochtonous Armenian people for 5000 years. The presence of Armenians and their ancestors on this land left numerous artefacts and monuments that still keep some mysteries to date. 

Among them are the Vishap Stones, large rock stones carved and designed, mostly with fish or animal pattern, and found near water sources all across the Armenian Highland. None of them were originally found in Yerevan as they were located in mountainous area. However, some were moved to the capital city of Yerevan and can be easily observed. During this tour, we will explain to you all the scientific knowledge available to date about Vishap and their significance for Armenia.

This walking tour will be focused on the discovery of the Vishap Stones located in Yerevan

From USD 10

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  • Starting location: Matendaran (in front of the entrance gate)
  • Our Vicken Tours guide will be standing there.
  • Duration: 2h30
  • Walking Distance: 4km
  • Level: Easy
  • Requirements: Walking shoes, Bottle of Water, Sun Protection


  • Vishap
  • Matenadaran
  • Circular Park
  • Republic Square
  • TIgran Metz Park
  • Cathedral of Avan