Yerevan, creation of a capital

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Understand the creation of Yerevan as a new capital for Armenia

Yerevan is the 12th capital of Armenia recorded since the beginning of history. The city was chosen to be the capital of the First Republic of Armenia in 1918 as a central location for the territory of the new Republic and given the ancient history of the city. 

However, Yerevan was not a major city at the time and a new capital with all its symbols needed to be designed and built. 

This walking tour will be focused on the main symbols of Yerevan as the capital city of Armenia.


From USD 10

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  • Starting location: Cascade (in front of Alexander Tamanyan Statue)
  • Our Vicken Tours guide will be standing there.
  • Duration: 2h
  • Walking Distance: 4km
  • Level: Easy
  • Requirements: Walking shoes, Bottle of Water, Sun Protection


  • The architect: Alexander Tamanyan
  • The executive power: Government buildings, Presidential palace
  • The legislative power: Parliament of Armenia
  • The judiciary power: Constitutional Court
  • The arts: National Opera of Armenia and Arno Babajanyan Concert Hall
  • The history: National Museum of Armenia